NMVMA Scholarships

Applying for NMVMA Scholarships

The NMVMA currently has Memorial Scholarships at Colorado State University and Kansas State University.  Please contact the schools directly for application information. Click icon for more information.

To Make a Scholarship Contribution


The NMVMA can no longer accept contributions to the various NMVMA Memorial Scholarship Funds.  We encourage you however, to continue contributing directly to the schools of your choice!  In the past, your generosity has assisted numerous students from New Mexico and we hope to see more benefit from your consideration! 

CSU Foundation                                             KSU Foundation
NMVMA Memorial Scholarship                      NMVMA Memorial Scholarship
Fund #44015                                                   Fund #V81527
PO Box 1870                                                  2323 Anderson Ave Ste 500
Ft. Collins, CO 80522                                      Manhattan, KS 66502UNM Foundation

NMVMA Scholarship

Fund #631450
Two Woodward Center
700 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102